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We love restaurants that are truly veritable. For example, the head chef of Georgian Hmeli-Suneli is from Tbilisi, the spices are from Georgian plantations and even the dough is done only by women, as meant by Caucasian tradition.

In winter, our dining rooms are heated by the blazing ovens cooking flat bread and khachapuri, meanwhile during the summer all activity is moved to a bright, spacious terrace where you can hide in the shade of trees, sit in wicker furniture and sip juicy homemade lemonades.


In the menu you can find the most popular dishes of Georgian cuisine like dolma and khachapuri, khinkali and kebabs, sulguni cheese that is specially prepared by our farmer friends, and matsoni with wild berries. And, of course, real Georgian wine, dense and grippy, soaked in the rays of the southern sun.

There is a rule that the best ethnic restaurant is the one a local diaspora frequents. Georgians became regulars of Hmeli-Suneli from the very start. They come here for the atmosphere and comfort and, of course, to eat. «The kitchen here is fantastic," they say, «and the khachapuri is the best in town.»


Tbilisi cuisine

Our head chef Georgy Khardzeishvili loved to help out in the kitchen since his childhood. However, after graduating from school he entered a medical university following the family tradition. After many years as a professional pharmacy technician, he remembered his childhood passion and decided to go study once more, but this time to a famous Tbilisi restaurant Tsiskvili. After a while, he moved to Russia and by a chance of fate landed at Hmeli-Suneli.

Among his assistants is Inga Bagashvili who starts every morning with fresh sweets, blue-eyed Russo Tsulukudze, master of strong coffee Giuli Mariamidze and Khatuna Romanadze who cooks as good as she dances Rachuli, sometimes on Hmeli-Suneli's spontaneous stage.


Children’s art school

Every weekend from 13.00 to 17.00, our little guests of Hmeli-Suneli are not only entertained but are also taught by Irina Nikonova at our Sunday art school. Each child receives a personal diary where his or her progress is noted with funny stickers. Your children and their friends can discuss the day’s events and accomplishments over lunch with a special children’s menu.

to get discounts, and to keep abreast of the news

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